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What the country's first undergrad program in artificial intelligence will look like

by Ryan Johnston • 2 years ago

We "felt that it was time to do this," a Carnegie Mellon professor tells EdScoop about the university's new AI major.

Will AI be a bane or boon for education?

by Patience Wait • 2 years ago

K-12 and higher ed need to rethink their structures to prepare for the arrival of artificial intelligence in education, experts say.

Campuses embrace cryptocurrency courses following value spike

by Ryan Johnston • 3 years ago

Classrooms across the globe have begun to include blockchain and bitcoin into their legal, business and engineering curricula.

Alexa, how can you improve teaching and learning?

by Kate Roddy • 3 years ago

Special report:​ Voice command platforms from Amazon, Google and Microsoft are creating new models for learning in K-12 and higher education — and renewed privacy concerns.

Inside the plan to crowdsource and simplify IT security reviews in higher ed

by Stephen Noonoo • 3 years ago

How a CISO at Baylor University fanned a grassroots movement to standardize and share software security assessments, saving time for vendors and schools.

Study: Edtech startups must prioritize student data privacy

by Cassandra Stephenson • 3 years ago

The push has to come from companies and investors — and not just educational institutions, Carnegie Mellon researchers say.