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Connecticut announces $260,000 for higher ed tech projects

by Emily Bamforth

Gov. Ned Lamont's said six private colleges and the state university system will grants from the state's Tech Tech Accelerator program.

CISA-backed nonprofit announces 'National Cybersecurity Education Month'

by Emily Bamforth

Nonprofit Cyber.org expanded its cybersecurity education week to National Cybersecurity Education Month, in hopes of boosting collaboration.

Need cyber talent? 'Fish in a bigger pond,' university CISO says

by Emily Bamforth

The University of South Carolina's CISO says flexibility is key in the public sector's ability to compete for cybersecurity workers.

Microsoft aims to halve cybersecurity worker shortage through community colleges

by Emily Bamforth

Microsoft President Brad Smith said the U.S.'s millions of community college students are an under-used resource to fill gaps in the workforce.