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What is CoSN's 'new network design' for schools?

by Stacey Pusey • 2 months ago

Because there's never a good time for the network to go down, experts recommend K-12 districts heed these six key elements of network design.

'Tech for Rural Districts' brings new resources to remote schools

by Katya Schwenk • 3 months ago

"Like a focus group on steroids," a new initiative created by two education groups will provide online resources for remote communities.

Six ways to strengthen digital citizenship this summer

by Colin Wood • 3 months ago

Commentary: Here are a few things parents should watch out for and educate their children about as students gain more free time over the holiday.

How micro-credentials can encourage professional development among teachers

by Stacey Pusey • 4 months ago

Commentary: Unlike more traditional tools, micro-credentials verify learning through teacher demonstrations and encourage continued development.

How to plan for your edtech's total costs

by Stacey Pusey • 4 months ago

Commentary: edWeb.net's Stacey Pusey outlines the many ways that investing in technology is not a one-time purchase.

How should teachers manage smartphone distractions in the classroom?

by Colin Wood • 4 months ago

Commentary: edWeb.net's Eileen Belastock reviews research showing students with smartphones receive one notification every eight minutes and pay less

Turn struggling readers into leaders with assistive technology

by Colin Wood • 4 months ago

Commentary: edWeb.net’s Eileen Belastock explains how resources like audiobooks can empower students to learn more independently.

One way or another, schools are connecting their students to broadband

by Stacey Pusey • 5 months ago

Commentary: The methods in each state vary, says edWeb.net's Stacey Pusey, but most states have coordinated strategies for reaching everyone.

How STEAM camps can vaporize 'summer brain drain'

by Colin Wood • 6 months ago

Commentary: edWeb.net's Eileen Belastock explains how giving students a chance to experiment with new ideas can bolster academic performance.