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Google upgrades education suite, unveils 40 new Chromebook varieties

by Ryan Johnston

Google will offer more than 40 new types of Chromebooks for schools this year, alongside new features to its cloud-based learning platforms.

Google introduces “Course Kit” for improved higher ed integration with G Suite

by Ryan Duffy

​Google has created a tool that will embed Docs and Drive in learning management systems, giving new online capabilities to students and teachers.

A much cleaner Classroom leads list of latest updates from Google

by Emily Tate

At ISTE 2018, the tech company introduced "locked mode" for quizzes and a new Classwork page in Google Classroom.

The top three trends in edtech today, as told by educators

by Mark Satter

​Data-driven instruction, classroom learning technology and Google products top the list of edtech trends this year, Kahoot survey found.

Google adds new terms to comply with Connecticut student data privacy laws

by Corinne Lestch

Leaders called the addendum a win for the state's public school students — the vast majority of whom use Google products.