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Universities still granting admin privileges to all employees, survey finds

by Lindsay McKenzie

An Educause survey found 30% of colleges and university networks give all staff and faculty users administrative privileges.

Cyberthreats against academia picked up this year, CrowdStrike says

by Benjamin Freed

As financially motivated attacks get easier to carry out, more universities are entering entering the crosshairs, CrowdStrike says.

Education sees the highest ransomware recovery cost compared to other sectors

by John Shier

Security advisor John Shier shares findings from a security report that show wide gaps in security preparedness to defend against ransomware threats across the education sector.

Making the ROI case for modernizing identity and access management

by EdScoop Staff

Okta’s Erika Messerschmidt discusses the distinct challenges higher ed institutions face in managing identity.

How zero trust helps higher ed meet remote access and student privacy demands

by EdScoop Staff

Arizona State University's Donna Kidwell and Cisco's Helen Patton discuss why the zero trust security benefits schools as they evolve network access.

Enabling remote learning with modern access controls

by EdScoop Staff

EDUCAUSE’s report highlights a number of IT challenges in 2021. To mitigate new threats, schools should look to modern access management tools.

The future of identity, security and virtual learning in higher ed

by EdScoop Staff

As universities plan for more virtual learning, multi-factor and passwordless security will take on greater importance against new security threats.

Identity governance to augment WVU’s long-term security strategy

by EdScoop Staff

WVU’s CISO shares why investing in identity governance is important to universities to strengthen their overall security posture with users.

How higher ed can improve security and user experience with modern identity governance tools

by EdScoop Staff

Identity governance tools give colleges and universities greater control in securing access privileges, says the University of Utah’s IT official.