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Study finds digital alerts boost STEM student success

by Betsy Foresman • 11 months ago

Recent research found students were more likely to stay enrolled in their universities if they opted into receiving digital alerts.

CoSN names top resources for personalized learning

by Betsy Foresman • 1 year ago

Adaptive technologies backed by data analytics and blended learning were named among the top tools helping educators to improve outcomes for students.

How two edtech leaders took on 1:1 device programs

by Ryan Johnston • 1 year ago

Whether it's reluctant teachers or wealth inequality between schools, districts can face major challenges in getting a device to every student.

Steady growth in edtech market projected through end of year

by Mark Satter • 2 years ago

Google may have a stronghold on the U.S. education market, but globally, Windows devices are preferred, Futuresource Consulting found.

Schools stand to gain from FCC's move to expand use of signal boosters

by Patience Wait • 2 years ago

Schools can use off-the-shelf equipment to strengthen cell signals, improving mobile learning and emergency communication during crises.

Preparing for planned obsolescence in K-12 schools

by Bob Hand • 3 years ago

Commentary: Through vigilant device tracking and regular communication, school IT directors can manage challenges posed by planned obsolescence.

Report: Mobile media nearly universal in children’s world

by Richard W. Walker • 3 years ago

Programs still needed to drive effective learning in a digital environment for kids ages 0 to 8.

How IT directors can facilitate anti-cyberbullying practices

by Bob Hand • 3 years ago

Commentary: Equip teachers, students and parents with the right tech tools for better monitoring and reporting.

Campus mobile app solution saves time, money for IT specialists

by Emily Tate • 3 years ago

Modo Labs works with over 200 colleges to streamline their mobile app platforms and improve student experiences.