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Campuses mostly back to normal, but university enrollment is still falling

by Lindsay McKenzie

University enrollment continues to decline into 2022, according to the latest data from the National Student Clearinghouse.

University of Arkansas System rolled online college into school it purchased

by Benjamin Freed

The University of Arkansas is folding its eVersity program into Grantham University, a for-profit, online school it bought last year.

University of Phoenix predicts all but one in-person location will close by 2024

by Emily Bamforth

The for-profit school is on track to close all but one physical campus by 2024, as its 84,000 students overwhelmingly prefer learning online.

Interest in cloud architecture, art history exploding on Udemy

by Emily Bamforth

Cloud architecture, Dynatrace and art history are the fastest-growing education trends, according to the online learning platform Udemy.

New online college program rankings show rise in digital

by Emily Bamforth

A new annual ranking from U.S. News & World Report shows a rise in the number of programs at higher education institutions to move online.

Google offers free IT certificates to community colleges, technical high schools

by Emily Bamforth

Schools in Connecticut have already begun putting the certificates in their programs.

EdX to retain brand after 2U acquisition, executives say

by Emily Bamforth

The combined company will keep its free offerings and offer more university degrees online to benefit international students and nontraditional American learners, the founders said.

Purdue U. Global begins offering free online courses

by Emily Bamforth

Purdue University Global students can now take certain general education requirements for free through OnlineDegree.com.

Students seeking online education still largely career-minded, survey finds

by Emily Bamforth

Higher education institutions are reexamining their online offerings, but a new survey shows that the motivations for online students has remained fairly consistent since last year.