Virginia forms STEM education commission to tackle workforce issues

by Colin Wood • 1 month ago

The new advisory body will seek opportunities for public-private partnership and improve educational access across demographic groups.

The STEM teacher shortage primarily disadvantages minority students

by Betsy Foresman • 3 months ago

One group in New Jersey is trying to close the gap by training current educators to teach subjects like physics, creating a more diverse workforce.

How one charity is boosting the STEM workforce by teaching underserved adults

by Eileen Abbott • 4 months ago

Commentary: Eileen Abbott, a volunteer with Agile Charities, explains how the nonprofit is helping adults get placed in a growing IT workforce.

How Virginia Tech's innovation campus could transform the technology talent pipeline

by Betsy Foresman • 4 months ago

The Washington metro area has more computer science graduates than anywhere else, but university officials say it still isn't enough.

SUNY Buffalo rolls out online series on computer vision, a hot field in AI

by Betsy Foresman • 4 months ago

The university says studying the subject will help its students get a leg up on an emerging trend in computer science.

2019 NextGen Leader: Toni Hoehn says student data privacy doesn't have to be scary

by Colin Wood • 5 months ago

As one of CoSN's 2019 NextGen Leader's, Hoehn trains staff and teachers on the importance of protecting student data and not getting "app happy."

Dallas schools are winning back students with new focus on innovation

by Ryan Johnston • 5 months ago

A strategy of giving K-12 schools with declining enrollment new academic focuses on robotics or urban planning is paying off as wait lists grow.

'CodeCrush' immersion experience builds a Midwest STEM community

by Ryan Johnston • 5 months ago

A grassroots coding workshop in South Dakota, Iowa and Nebraska is giving girls and their teachers a new resource for building technology skills.

There's a gap in education that only industry can fill, report says

by Ryan Johnston • 6 months ago

Many students are graduating unprepared for the future. The answer, experts say, is inviting industry into the classroom.