Education and tech leaders launch AI education framework 

A project called TeachAI aims to set guardrails around computer science and AI education in primary and secondary education.
In this photograph, a young Asian woman is seen looking at a screen with lines of code projected over her face as she talks to a group of computer science students who are out of shot.
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A slew of tech companies and education organizations banded together on Tuesday to launch TeachAI, a project aiming to create a global framework for computer science and AI education that will protect student safety, respect privacy rights and address issues of bias and misinformation.

A steering committee led by, the Educational Testing Service, International Society for Technology in Education, Khan Academy and World Economic Forum will convene meetings with representatives from Amazon, Cisco, Microsoft, OpenAI, leading university researchers and education organizations such as the College Board and National Association of State Boards of Education to develop the guidelines. 

The group said meetings will focus on three pillars: policy and pedagogical recommendations for teaching with AI; creating a global curriculum for computer science at the K-12 level; and engaging the public, educators, tech companies, policymakers and administrators through webinars, events, reports and other publications.

“AI has the potential to be the world’s most powerful learning tool, but only if educators and students understand how to leverage AI to support their learning needs,” Richard Culatta, CEO of the International Society for Technology in Education, said in a press release. ISTE, a nonprofit that providers professional development training for educators, has an AI program with more than 1,000 educators.


“Through TeachAI, we aim to ensure that educators across the world have access to the support they need to prepare students to thrive in a world where AI is an integral part of their live and careers,” Culatta said. 

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