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How one K-12 technologist deals with the most common innovation hurdles

by Ryan Johnston • 4 days ago

The chief technology officer of Austin Independent School District says technology is the missing piece for many classrooms today.

Overloaded with apps? How to organize your edtech toolkit

by Stacey Pusey • 7 days ago

Commentary: edWeb.net's Stacey Pusey shares how educators are using a new platform to manage data privacy and boost outcomes in the classroom.

How to improve digital instruction with the science of learning

by Colin Wood • 2 weeks ago

Commentary: edWeb.net's Eileen Belastock explains how the brain's thinking, feeling and sensing systems can come together to maximize knowledge retent

Hacked Georgia school district thwarts attempt to steal payroll funds

by Betsy Foresman • 2 weeks ago

Thanks to two-factor authentication, school officials were notified of an unauthorized transfer attempt and no money was lost, a spokesman said.

No coding required: 10 augmented reality apps for the classroom

by Stacey Pusey • 2 weeks ago

Commentary: edWeb.net's Stacey Pusey highlights top tools for teaching students using an emerging mobile technology.

Special needs classes in West Virginia might get security cameras

by Betsy Foresman • 3 weeks ago

A bill is advancing through the Capitol that would attempt to prevent and detect abuse of special needs students.

How to teach digital literacy skills at the right time

by Colin Wood • 4 weeks ago

Commentary: edWeb.net's Eileen Belastock explains how Piaget's theory of cognitive development can be used to structure digital skills instruction.

Tennessee governor proposes $4 million STEM initiative

by Betsy Foresman • 1 month ago

Gov. Bill Lee says the initiative would bolster the technology workforce and help develop new computer science standards and teacher training.

Georgia U. partnership halves broadband costs for K-12

by Colin Wood • 1 month ago

The University System of Georgia's Dave Nix explains how sharing resources and building new private partnerships has yielded big savings for K-12.

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