Emory University opens statewide tour of free AI course

Leaders of Emory University in Atlanta announced a series of free courses in Georgia communities scheduled through September.
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In addition to teaching its 15,000 enrolled students, Emory University in Atlanta this week announced it’s also seeking to educate the general public through a new campaign aimed at boosting understanding of artificial intelligence.

Through a statewide tour, called “AI + You: Save Time, Earn More and Thrive with AI,” educators will offer communities in Georgia free, short courses with practical information about AI for work and personal life. Courses are scheduled in Georgia communities from June through September.

“With the rapid rise of artificial intelligence in all sectors of the economy and social life, this program is designed to ensure that every Georgia community member has the opportunity to embrace the potential of AI and quickly learn how to use it,” a university press release reads.

The tour is being led by Joe Sutherland, director of the Emory Center for AI Learning, whom attendees will have the chance to ask about AI.


According to the announcement, the sessions will include “the basics” of AI, including “practical tips and tools to streamline routine tasks, increase productivity and elevate creativity” and “strategies for larger organizations to improve workforce retention, diversity and profitability.”

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