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Controversial report shows many states fail on student data privacy

by Betsy Foresman • 2 months ago

Despite criticism that the report left critical data out of its analysis, its author maintains states have inadequate student data privacy policies.

Tips for writing the policies for your student data privacy program

by Linnette Attai • 7 months ago

Commentary: Before you start, consider not just what policies you want to create, but how you can create them to maximize compliance.

Report: Administrator data literacy is key to student success

by Mark Satter • 7 months ago

Administrators need to be able to collect, analyze and use data in ways that benefits students, according to the nonprofit Data Quality Campaign.

How comfortable is your school district with risk?

by Linnette Attai • 8 months ago

Commentary: When it comes to protecting student data privacy, any number of things can keep a district CTO up at night. Here's how to prioritize the risks.

How to identify risk while building a student data privacy compliance program

by Linnette Attai • 8 months ago

Commentary: A pre-assessment can be useful in helping schools address the policies, processes and risks of building a student data privacy program.

The role of leadership in protecting student data privacy

by Linnette Attai • 9 months ago

Commentary: Any number of school employees can help implement a privacy program, but it's up to district leaders to champion the efforts and set expectations.

What it takes: Building a student data privacy compliance program

by Linnette Attai • 10 months ago

Commentary: Creating and implementing a data privacy program can be disruptive. These five core requirements are essential to a school system's success.

Edtech software providers fall short on privacy practices and guidelines, report says

by Corinne Lestch • 10 months ago

Nearly 90 percent of the most popular edtech services fail to meet the minimum criteria for transparency and privacy, Common Sense finds.

With bipartisan support, Do Not Track Kids legislation returns in Congress

by Patience Wait • 10 months ago

Senate and House members have re-introduced a bill to protect children’s online data. It would update the 20-year-old COPPA.