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Purdue U. Global fills new VP and CIO role

by Colin Wood • 4 weeks ago

The online university for adult learners has hired Tim Werth, an official at Purdue's flagship campus, as its first vice president of administrative services and chief information officer.

University students report worse educations during pandemic

by Colin Wood • 4 months ago

A recent survey commissioned by the publication Intelligent shows that students are generally having a harder time learning and getting support during the pandemic.

Universities need solid identity strategy to maximize student success

by Jake Williams • 6 months ago

While higher education presents unique identity and access management challenges, successful use leads to greater student success, Kelsey Nelson says.

With online SAT on hold, universities drop test requirements

by Jake Williams • 11 months ago

The College Board has halted putting the SAT online during the pandemic. Now universities are dropping their standardized testing requirement on applications.

Coronavirus pandemic is a ‘wake up call’ for online learning

by Jake Williams • 1 year ago

Edtech experts say that some skeptics are now being converted as they're forced to confront early successes of online learning.

Student success app among 8 winners of Texas Tech's virtual challenge

by Jake Williams • 1 year ago

Eight winners receive a $25,000 grant and one year of mentoring and access to co-working space after the university's first virtual edition of the challenge.

Texas A&M wants to monitor student mental health with smartwatches

by Jake Williams • 1 year ago

In a new pilot, university researchers seek to develop a tool that can detect anxiety and depression and then direct students to help.

Communication is critical before an emergency, says university CIO

by Betsy Foresman • 1 year ago

To ensure student safety, it is important that departments come together and communicate before there is an emergency, Texas Tech's CIO says.

Amid enrollment decline, Pa. public university system turns to tech

by Jake Williams • 2 years ago

The system is requesting $100 million for IT transformation efforts and shared services it hopes will offset a 20 percent decline in enrollment.