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Google Earth's creation tools help students tell stories with maps

by Betsy Foresman • 2 weeks ago

The new creation tools allow students to build visual narratives and engage with learning on a deeper level, one teacher told EdScoop.

Florida schools turn to emergency tech after campus shootings

by Corinne Lestch • 1 year ago

Osceola County School District joins other Florida public schools, plus Florida State University, in adopting a high-tech solution in the event of active shooter situations.

Educators struggle to find solid research on edtech

by Patience Wait • 1 year ago

The vast majority of educators rely on general web searches for edtech information, but they are skeptical about how reliable that information is.

Report: Teachers are the nexus of technology decisions and purchases

by Corinne Lestch • 1 year ago

A recent analysis by MDR Education finds that teachers can and do wield significant power for observing technology trends in their own classrooms.

Walmart's back-to-school app asks users to trade information for convenience

by Mark Satter • 1 year ago

Though the platform — which provides access to school supply lists — promises convenience, privacy experts say students and parents should be skeptical.

Microsoft announces smaller, more affordable Surface device

by Emily Tate • 1 year ago

At 1.15 pounds and 10 inches, the Surface Go is made to fit comfortably in a backpack but offer the full performance of a laptop.

Northeastern U. to equip all students with Alexa-powered devices

by Emily Tate • 1 year ago

Following a "highly successful" pilot involving Amazon Echo Dots, the private university wants to expand the Alexa platform to all 18,000 students.

A much cleaner Classroom leads list of latest updates from Google

by Emily Tate • 1 year ago

At ISTE 2018, the tech company introduced "locked mode" for quizzes and a new Classwork page in Google Classroom.

Microsoft acquires classroom video platform Flipgrid

by Emily Tate • 1 year ago

Flipgrid, used in more than 20 million classrooms around the globe, will now be free for schools.