Tags blockchain technology

Blockchain is now a senior capstone course in North Carolina community colleges

by Ryan Johnston • 4 years ago

The new course uses IBM's already freely available zero-to-blockchain curriculum, but will be taught by Wake Tech professors.

Columbia University opens center to boost research and innovation around blockchain

by Ryan Johnston • 4 years ago

The Center for Blockchain and Data Transparency, a joint partnership between Columbia and IBM, has three research tracks and a blockchain accelerator.

Cryptocurrency startup pledges $50M to universities researching blockchain

by Mark Satter • 4 years ago

Ripple announced it is partnering with 17 universities to stimulate innovation in blockchain, cryptocurrencies and digital payment systems.

Virginia Tech to build blockchain-focused curriculum

by Ryan Johnston • 4 years ago

The educational effort will be funded by a million commitment from open-source software company Block.one.

Blockchain technology used to secure college students' documents

by Corinne Lestch • 6 years ago

MIT Media Lab and Learning Machine have figured out a way to use Bitcoin blockchain to securely share official documents, like academic transcripts.