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K-8 coding education should be integrated for best outcomes

by Colin Wood • 2 weeks ago

Educators should encourage students to apply what they learn in computer science to other subjects, says edWeb.net’s Eileen Belastock.

Want to learn JavaScript? Venture to 'Ozaria' and save the world

by Betsy Foresman • 5 months ago

A new computer game plunges students in an immersive world that developers say could make learning to code a more engaging enterprise.

How to integrate creative coding and robotics into your classroom

by Colin Wood • 10 months ago

Commentary: There's much more to teaching computer science than straight programming, says edWeb.net's Eileen Belastock.

State coordinates first K-12/higher education Hour of Code

by Colin Wood • 1 year ago

Hundreds of organizations celebrated the coding event this year, but North Dakota officials say they their state pulled off a unique feat.

New AP computer science course sees 50 percent growth in second year

by Ryan Johnston • 2 years ago

The Computer Science Principles course is a boon because it approaches the subject from a creative, multi-disciplinary view, officials say.

For early participants of Girls Who Code, the program's impact is indelible

by Chloe Kim • 2 years ago

Four women who took a summer course in 2014 describe how it grew their interest in STEM and computer science well beyond high school.

Barbie's next big move? Teach 10 million kids to code

by Chloe Kim • 2 years ago

One of the many tools Mattel and Tynker hope to use is a Barbie-themed coding lesson that introduces various career paths.

ISTE and Code.org partner to advance computer science education

by Chloe Kim • 2 years ago

The partnership comes as ISTE prepares to update its computer science education standards.

'Rewiring Education' offers view of Apple's role in shaping what's next for schools

by Patience Wait • 2 years ago

The new book from John D. Couch, Apple's first vice president of education, details the company's vision for the role of technology.