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EdTech Hero: Darshell Silva urges Rhode Island's educators to embrace edtech

by Emily Tate • 5 years ago

Silva has trained hundreds of teachers, librarians and school administrators in technology integration and blending learning.

EdTech Hero: Val Emrich promotes accessibility for students with disabilities in Maryland

by Emily Tate • 5 years ago

Under Emrich's leadership, "accessibility for all students" has become a major theme in statewide meetings, conferences and events.

EdTech Hero: Barbara Soots paves the way for OER adoption in Washington

by Emily Tate • 5 years ago

Soots “listens, advises and gently nudges” districts to understand and embrace open educational resources.

EdTech Hero: Todd Lawrence elevates E-rate program in Idaho

by Emily Tate • 5 years ago

Lawrence doesn't just connect schools in Idaho to broadband. He ensures that connectivity is high-quality and low-cost.

EdTech Hero: State Rep. Craig Horn ‘doggedly committed’ to digital education in North Carolina

by Emily Tate • 5 years ago

From "full-time grandparent" to state lawmaker, Horn advocates for technology-enabled learning and wireless broadband access for all.

EdTech Hero: Jeff Mao, an experienced, 'stalwart partner' to many states

by Emily Tate • 5 years ago

From Future Ready Schools to statewide one-to-one initiatives, Mao brings "a wealth of experience and knowledge ... that few, if any, could match."

EdTech Hero: Kim Nesmith problem-solves student privacy issues in Louisiana

by Emily Tate • 5 years ago

Nesmith has shepherded school systems in the state as they navigate "one of the most restrictive student privacy laws in the nation."

EdTech Hero: Jennifer Bergland sets record for edtech legislation in Texas

by Kate Roddy • 5 years ago

Bergland organized grassroots support and drafted seven bills to back digital learning in her state.

EdTech Hero: Reg Leichty, advocating for E-rate since its inception

by Emily Tate • 5 years ago

Leichty provides analysis and recommendations about broadband, data privacy and open educational resources for education agencies and associations.