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Why the education CIO should be a 'servant leader'

by Jake Williams • 4 months ago

Texas Southern University CIO Mario Berry calls for university presidents to listen to their IT leaders, whom he says must support the business.

Higher education is rethinking its fundamental model, Horizon Report says

by Colin Wood • 6 months ago

Educause says universities and colleges are searching for ways to adapt to online competitors and an evolving workforce.

How universities can innovate their way to a smart-campus ecosystem

by Michael Mathews • 6 months ago

It starts by putting students at the center of the design model, explains Michael L. Mathews, CIO at Oral Roberts University.

Universities wanting better cybersecurity should turn to the cloud, CIO says

by Jake Williams • 6 months ago

The investment needed to afford "top of the line" cyber tools is pushing more schools to the cloud, says Oral Roberts University CIO Mike Mathews.

User-centric strategy drives San Francisco district ERP rollout

by Jake Williams • 6 months ago

A new ERP system at San Francisco Unified School District will develop systems and tools to transform the district's workforce management.

No coding required: 10 augmented reality apps for the classroom

by Stacey Pusey • 7 months ago

Commentary: edWeb.net's Stacey Pusey highlights top tools for teaching students using an emerging mobile technology.