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Florida college says chatbot brought back 'near-grads' with humor, advice

by Emily Bamforth

Administrators said "Gwen" can answer questions, tell jokes and use emojis to get encourage students to re-enroll.

Florida selects data vendor for workforce education push

by Colin Wood

The software company Pairin is developing software that its CEO said could "change everything" about how funds are directed to various educational and training institutions in Florida.

Florida bill would guard colleges from online-learning lawsuits

by Emily Bamforth

A bill sitting on Gov. Ron DeSantis' desk would shield institutions from civil lawsuits related to operations during the coronavirus pandemic.

Indian River State College taps mobile app to keep students engaged

by Colin Wood

Indian River State College has adopted a new mobile platform called Rah Rah to keep its students engaged and enrolled.

Florida tries to save online education after Gov. DeSantis cut funding

by Betsy Foresman

The State University System Board of Governors said it's developing a plan to keep online education afloat after the governor's vetoed funding to Complete Florida Plus, a $29.4 million education program.

Florida Gov. DeSantis wipes out $30 million online-learning budget

by Betsy Foresman

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis cut funding on Tuesday for online academic support services, a virtual campus program and other online-learning programs that students have increasingly relied upon during the pandemic.

Florida tracks down 32,000 laptops for students distance learning

by Colin Wood

Partnerships with school consortiums and "proactive" contact with distributors will mean devices for many students attending Florida's small or rural districts.

Lawmakers investigate tech companies' student data collection, usage

by Ryan Johnston

Three senators sent letters to more than 50 educational technology and data analytics companies to investigate their data collection practices.

Florida launches school safety database despite privacy concerns

by Katya Schwenk

Civil rights groups called for the project to undergo further scrutiny before launch, but Gov. Ron DeSantis says it's essential for student safety.