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Senators request emergency funds to ensure student internet access

by Betsy Foresman • 6 months ago

With an unprecedented number of students taking classes online, senators urge their colleagues to fund expansion of high-speed internet for students as part of the latest COVID-19 relief package.

Homework gap is equivalent of only giving some students textbooks, governor says

by Mark Satter • 2 years ago

Washington's Jay Inslee is looking for answers on expanding broadband access.

Senators propose E-rate eligibility for school bus Wi-Fi

by Patience Wait • 2 years ago

The legislation, aimed at improving internet access for K-12 students, would direct the FCC to add school buses to its broadband discount program.

Alaska ramps up efforts to close broadband gap in K-12 schools

by Emily Tate • 2 years ago

The state remains a laggard nationally when it comes to school connectivity, but a partnership with EducationSuperHighway aims to fix that.

EdTech Hero: David Couch, Kentucky's long-time leader in school connectivity

by Kate Roddy • 3 years ago

Couch’s department has been a leading force in internet access for students for over 25 years.

EdTech Hero: Todd Lawrence elevates E-rate program in Idaho

by Emily Tate • 3 years ago

Lawrence doesn't just connect schools in Idaho to broadband. He ensures that connectivity is high-quality and low-cost.