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How universities can fast-track contact tracing programs

by Julia Weaver • 4 weeks ago

Colleges and universities already have most of the data collection systems they need to develop a contact tracing program.

Enabling remote learning with modern access controls

by Julia Weaver • 2 months ago

EDUCAUSE’s report highlights a number of IT challenges in 2021. To mitigate new threats, schools should look to modern access management tools.

How cloud delivers scalable security and connectivity in a remote world

by EdScoop Staff • 3 months ago

With school districts launching into remote learning during the COVID-19 pandemic, cloud-based platforms are their best bet for stronger cybersecurity

Managed services key to education cybersecurity post-COVID

by EdScoop Staff • 3 months ago

Education IT leaders should consider letting vendors take on day-to-day cybersecurity management to enable a focus on serving students and staff.

Building security that scales for remote learning

by EdScoop Staff • 3 months ago

Remote learning is here to stay, putting new pressure on higher education leaders to embrace scalable security solutions and leverage Internet2.

What is the ROI of your IT investment?

by EdScoop Staff • 5 months ago

CIOs in higher education should equip themselves with data to support changes to IT infrastructure and avoid the pitfalls of status quo spending.

Identity governance to augment WVU’s long-term security strategy

by EdScoop Staff • 9 months ago

WVU’s CISO shares why investing in identity governance is important to universities to strengthen their overall security posture with users.

How higher ed can improve security and user experience with modern identity governance tools

by EdScoop Staff • 1 year ago

Identity governance tools give colleges and universities greater control in securing access privileges, says the University of Utah’s IT official.

Zero-trust strategies: Rethinking the security perimeter for higher ed

by EdScoop Staff • 2 years ago

Security experts discuss zero-trust strategies and how higher ed institutions can be more creative with where they set up access controls.