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When university students are afraid to ask for help

by • 1 week ago

Lumen Learning Chief Academic Officer David Wiley joins Cutting EDge to talk about the company's experience testing personalized courseware.

How implementing OER is like training a puppy

by • 3 weeks ago

OpenStax Managing Director Daniel Williamson talks about the next steps in adopting open educational resources, outside of free textbooks.

Translating third-party cyber risks for campus administrators

by • 1 month ago

Part of planning for a cybersecurity breach through a third-party is explaining potential consequences to non-technical leadership, Educause's Brian Kelly said on this episode of the Cutting EDge.

How advising against automated proctoring fed into course design

by • 2 months ago

University of Michigan-Dearborn Associate Provost Mitchel Sollenberger discusses how avoiding automated proctoring shaped course design.

Data is transforming how universities approach student success

by • 2 months ago

As universities look toward a future focused even more on student success, the Cutting EDge podcast looks at how data plays a role.

Ensuring quality for postsecondary credentials, digital study tools

by • 3 months ago

As higher ed sees more credentials and digital study tools, the Cutting EDge podcast looks at how the industry is ensuring quality and addressing concerns.