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UC Berkeley and Justice Dept. reach agreement on online content accessibility

by Benjamin Freed

A Justice Department found that UC Berkeley did not make much of its online content accessible to users with disabilities.

Colleges told to prioritize accessibility when buying new technology

by Emily Bamforth

Higher education institutions still need to make more progress on centralizing accessibility in technology procurement, experts said.

Only half of students with disabilities ask for accommodations, Verbit says

by Emily Bamforth

The transcription company found that only about 14% of schools offer universal captions in their online lessons.

Making access to higher education more equitable and productive

by Danielle Rourke

The pandemic exposed the hidden depth of the digital divide faced by many college students, raising complicated questions for college and university officials.

Blackboard 'Ally' tool aids course design for students with disabilities

by Emily Bamforth

Blackboard recently released a free, online course based on insights from its accessibility tool, Blackboard Ally, which is used at more than 700 institutions.

College textbook quarantine boosts safety, challenges accessibility

by Betsy Foresman

Santa Fe Community College quarantines each returned book for three days, but librarians said the policy has strained access for those already struggling most during the pandemic.

Pandemic amplified students' growing reliance on technology, says Educause

by Betsy Foresman

A new Educause survey found that concerns of internet access, data protection and online accessibility were at the top of students' minds even before the pandemic hit.

Gallaudet University gives students Apple devices to ease online learning

by Betsy Foresman

Students and faculty at Gallaudet University received an iPad ahead of the semester to help make learning remotely more accessible and personalized.

Ohio State launches app to connect blind students with remote helpers

by Betsy Foresman

The mobile app will allow low-vision and blind students to call assistants who can read signs, describe surrounding and guide them through campus.