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How technology can power enthusiasm and self-directed learning

by Colin Wood • 2 months ago

Commentary: edWeb.net's Eileen Belastock shows how technology can provide students with authentic learning experiences and generate improved feedback.

How a small IT investment can produce campus-wide results

by Michael Mathews • 2 months ago

Commentary: Oral Roberts University's CIO explains how doing it all with limited funding can often feel like "turning the Titanic in a duck pond."

The rising benefits of all-flash storage in higher ed

by EdScoop Staff • 9 months ago

Institutions are taking advantage of all-flash solutions as a key part of their infrastructure modernization efforts.

How IT directors can promote computer programming in low-income school districts

by Bob Hand • 2 years ago

Commentary: Four versatile products and services that can help K-12 IT leaders jump-start instructional coding in their districts.

How education staff can help students claim available FAFSA money left on the table

by Brian Kathman • 2 years ago

Technology — specifically, simple, personalized text messages — can nudge students toward accessing federal student aid.

Rethinking how educators teach digital citizenship

by Nancy Watson • 2 years ago

Commentary: New book urges educators to push beyond the list of rules and “don’ts.”

​The rebirth of student affairs in higher ed

by Haider Ali • 2 years ago

Commentary: Student affairs should be one of an institution’s top priorities. It’s time to treat it like one — and technology can help.

The role of the higher ed CIO in the age of increased accountability

by Simeon Ananou • 2 years ago

Commentary: F­ive questions higher ed CIOs can — and should — help answer in measuring student success.

​It's time to rethink higher ed regulations to better serve today's students

by Julie Peller • 2 years ago

Commentary: Recent Education Department ruling illustrates why federal regulations need re-crafting to reflect today's tech-enabled education market.