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Virginia Tech names IT transformation director

by Jake Williams

Virginia Tech named Zohaib Qazi, a former IT director at California State University-Northridge, as its IT Transformation program lead.

How university CIOs push experience gains with modernization

by EdScoop Staff

On Cutting EDge, Michigan State CIO Melissa Woo and Virginia Tech CIO Scott Midkiff say better user experience is a big reason to modernize.

Improving admin user experience key for IT modernization, say university CIOs

by Lindsay McKenzie

CIOs at Michigan State and Virginia Tech said "top-notch" user experience isn't only for students and other external users.

U. of Montana looks to reduce workload by modernizing ERP

by Emily Bamforth

The University of Montana is eyeing a move to the cloud for its ERP as part of a years-long modernization process.

North Carolina colleges to hire regional cyber directors, update ERP and broadband

by Emily Bamforth

A new state budget includes community college funding for nine regional cybersecurity officers, an updated ERP system and broadband updates.

Education sees the highest ransomware recovery cost compared to other sectors

by John Shier

Security advisor John Shier shares findings from a security report that show wide gaps in security preparedness to defend against ransomware threats across the education sector.

Miami Dade College selects Canvas for new learning management system

by Colin Wood

Miami Dade College said it selected Canvas to support a “diverse student population with a fully mobile and accessible solution.”

Miami Dade College CIO outlines plans for systemwide CRM

by Emily Bamforth

Administrators are looking to centralize the platform used to communicate with students to better make use of data and enable predictive analytics.

How zero trust helps higher ed meet remote access and student privacy demands

by EdScoop Staff

Arizona State University's Donna Kidwell and Cisco's Helen Patton discuss why the zero trust security benefits schools as they evolve network access.