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Kansas State U. Polytechnic taps Rah Rah for student engagement

by Ryan Johnston

Administrators said they wanted a remedy for students who kept saying they hadn't heard about many of the university's on-campus resources.

How Roosevelt U.'s mobile app supported a safe return to campus

by Betsy Foresman

University leaders said a mobile app served as an essential tool in limiting the spread of COVID-19 and supported contact-tracing efforts.

Ohio State launches app to connect blind students with remote helpers

by Betsy Foresman

The mobile app will allow low-vision and blind students to call assistants who can read signs, describe surrounding and guide them through campus.

SFSU students win competition for 'Simba Police' app

by Betsy Foresman

The voice-activated mobile assistant, which won first place at a pitch competition, will be able to run background checks, scan license plates, retrieve driver details even call for backup.

University of Wisconsin rushes COVID-19 app to market

by Jake Williams

Developers said they compressed their development schedule to release the app, which contains guided meditations, chat rooms and health screening tools.

How Houston ISD's technology director manages edtech for 29,000 employees

by Ryan Johnston

The app marketplace is too vast for teachers to sort out alone, said Kristy Sailors, but her district has a few tricks to ensure its apps are safe.

How one college helps protect its students when they're far beyond campus

by Ryan Johnston

With mobile technology, Marquette University keeps students informed — and accounted for — while they're overseas.

Anonymous tip apps aim to help students stay safe

by Ryan Johnston

The makers of Say Something and similar digital tools say they empower students and staff to take action in making their schools more secure.

Some student loan refunds could soon come via plastic

by Patience Wait

The U.S. Department of Education is about to release its Request for Proposal for a pilot involving four colleges with up to 25,000 students each.