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Two more universities upgrade to 6E networks

by Jake Williams

Texas A&M University and Doane University are the latest universities to announce upgrades to 6E networks.

Schools may need an extra $5 billion for online learning

by Betsy Foresman

To keep students connected to their educations with broadband access and devices during the pandemic, the nonprofit group Funds for Learning predicts an additional $5.25 billion is required.

Ransomware used HVAC to infect Michigan K-12 district

by Betsy Foresman

Students were told to stay home as staff at Richmond Community Schools work to restore functionality to heating, telephone and other critical systems.

CoSN releases tools to grade and improve IT infrastructure for K-12 districts

by Ryan Johnston

The organization says technology systems that play well together are critical for supporting student learning.

The cloud as 'a key enabler' in education

by EdScoop Staff

Commentary: Updating a district's computing infrastructure can make room for other technology priorities in the classroom.

What K-12 IT directors should expect from upcoming net neutrality changes

by Bob Hand

Commentary: The FCC's rollback of Obama-era rules takes effect June 11. Here's what district technology leaders need to know — and what they can do to prepare.

Facial recognition technology adds layer of 'prevention' at dorms' front doors

by Ryan Johnston

Officials at the University of San Francisco say the digital system helps to stop crime on campus before it happens.

To gain an edge, embrace a 'multi-cloud' strategy, university IT leaders urge

by Emily Tate

At the Internet2 Global Summit, attendees outlined the strengths and weaknesses of AWS, GCP and Azure — and imagined using all three vendors at once.

Three IT projects to prioritize on campus this summer

by Kevin Davis

Commentary: UNLV and Duke University offer examples of how to make the most of the summer break, analyzing data, improving risk detection and increasing operational visibility.