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Making the ROI case for modernizing identity and access management

by EdScoop Staff

Okta’s Erika Messerschmidt discusses the distinct challenges higher ed institutions face in managing identity.

Seton Hall's PirateNet undergoes speed boost, refresh ahead of fall semester

by Emily Bamforth

The New Jersey university updated its applications dashboard ahead of the fall semester so students could get familiar with new features, its associate CIO said.

Universities need solid identity strategy to maximize student success

by Jake Williams

While higher education presents unique identity and access management challenges, successful use leads to greater student success, Kelsey Nelson says.

Enabling remote learning with modern access controls

by EdScoop Staff

EDUCAUSE’s report highlights a number of IT challenges in 2021. To mitigate new threats, schools should look to modern access management tools.

The future of identity, security and virtual learning in higher ed

by EdScoop Staff

As universities plan for more virtual learning, multi-factor and passwordless security will take on greater importance against new security threats.

How higher education can automate identity and access to improve student services

by EdScoop Staff

A cloud IT specialist at Okta says modern platforms help schools automate identity lifecycle management and accommodate accumulation of users.

Increasing efficiency for higher ed IT teams with cloud-based IAM

by EdScoop Staff

How cloud-based IAM delivers operational efficiencies, scalability and cost savings to colleges and universities.