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Fingerprint scanner debuts at Virginia Tech dining hall

by Betsy Foresman • 4 weeks ago

The optional biometrics program allows students to keep their ID cards in their pockets as they wave their way into the building.

Florida 'student safety' database fell short, commission says

by Katya Schwenk • 1 month ago

Some officials say it adds little new functionality for law enforcement, while others claim the governor's request was "impossible" from the start.

Florida launches school safety database despite privacy concerns

by Katya Schwenk • 1 month ago

Civil rights groups called for the project to undergo further scrutiny before launch, but Gov. Ron DeSantis says it's essential for student safety.

Pearson hack exposes student data connected to 13,000 accounts

by Betsy Foresman • 2 months ago

Limited information — including names, birthdays and email addresses — has been compromised for an unknown number of school and university students.

Why every university needs an insider threat program

by Joanna Grama • 2 months ago

Commentary: Most higher education institutions hold sensitive data, but don't have insider threat programs. Joanna Lyn Grama says they should.

Student, family data exposed in Oregon State cyberattack

by Betsy Foresman • 3 months ago

OSU officials say the data of 636 students, prospective students and family members was exposed to hackers engineering a phishing attack.

Duke researcher apologizes for exposing student images to Chinese military

by Colin Wood • 3 months ago

A database containing images of 2,000 students has now been used by organizations around the world, including two Chinese military research academies.

Unlocking actionable data is critical for school districts, experts say

by Colin Wood • 4 months ago

Commentary: K-12 school districts must get organized and make sense of their data to improve learning outcomes and protect student privacy.

New York school district pauses on facial recognition system

by Colin Wood • 4 months ago

Just days after installation, a facial recognition system at Lockport City School District is offline as the state reviews district privacy policies.