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Texas A&M website tells students which devices to bring to campus this fall

by Emily Bamforth

Instead of scanning individual department pages for minimum technology requirements, students can now answer a survey to receive guidelines.

Arizona State hosted drive-in events to help students fill out FAFSAs

by Betsy Foresman

The usual on-campus assistance to apply for federal student aid wasn't possible, so the university hosted several drive-in events with the help of parking-lot Wi-Fi.

Creative Wi-Fi programs are keeping university students connected

by Betsy Foresman

Ensuring that students have access to the internet has been of paramount importance during the pandemic, technology leaders from two universities said during an online event.

U. Pittsburgh’s athletic director of IT optimizes networks and game-time performance

by Betsy Foresman

Seth Graham's unique role goes beyond installing Wi-Fi routers. He's also scouting for new technologies to aid student athlete monitoring and performance.

FCC's E-Rate updates don't look to the future, education leaders say

by Betsy Foresman

Updates to E-Rate are expected to benefit small and rural schools, but districts won't get any extra help when it comes to cybersecurity.

$120K for dorm Wi-Fi upgrades? College CIO does it himself instead

by Jake Williams

After a case of sticker shock, Illinois College's assistant CIO rolled up his sleeves and recruited a student worker to fix a weak wireless signal.

Buffalo schools build Wi-Fi network targeting 'homework gap'

by Colin Wood

The new wireless is network is expected to reach the homes of approximately 5,500 students, providing new educational opportunities after school.

Five ways to close the homework gap

by Stacey Pusey

Commentary: By rallying community members and thinking creatively, schools can connect more of their students to the internet.

Hundreds sign petition against FCC's plan to commercialize education's wireless service

by Betsy Foresman

A wireless internet service currently available primarily to educational institutions could soon be opened up for private industry to monetize.