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Georgia Tech turns to data for institutional success

by EdScoop Staff

On the Cutting EDge podcast, Georgia Institute of Technology CIO Daren Hubbard explains how a focus on data will help the university grow.

How data management drives enrollment at Texas Tech

by EdScoop Staff

On the Cutting EDge podcast, Texas Tech University CIO Sam Segran explains the school’s big enrollment and student success data effort.

Princeton U. names first 'university data officer'

by Emily Bamforth

As university data officer, Suneetha Vaitheswaran is tasked with organizing administrative data efforts across departments.

Deloitte boosts higher ed data business with Entigence acquisition

by Emily Bamforth

Deloitte executives said Entigence's technology can help universities improve their use of data analytics, enabling quicker, more-informed decisions.

How Cornell uses robots, data to run COVID-19 tests quickly

by Betsy Foresman

A mass testing program has enabled the university to test more than 500,000 COVID-19 samples since last September.

How universities can fast-track contact tracing programs

by EdScoop Staff

Colleges and universities already have most of the data collection systems they need to develop a contact tracing program.

How Roosevelt U.'s mobile app supported a safe return to campus

by Betsy Foresman

University leaders said a mobile app served as an essential tool in limiting the spread of COVID-19 and supported contact-tracing efforts.

As learning moves online, higher ed needs more data insights

by EdScoop Staff

Universities need tools to better aggregate and collect data around their services — and in turn, make distance learning more effective, says a Splunk white paper.

​EDUCAUSE’s Susan Grajek assesses latest shifts in ‘Top 10 IT Issues’

by Wyatt Kash

Higher education research chief discerns how business pressures are forging stronger ties between college leaders and CIOs and shifting their strategies.