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How partnership brought broadband to one rural Indiana school district

by Betsy Foresman

At first, administrators at the Municipal School District of Warren County, Indiana, didn't think they could afford modern high-speed internet.

How your SIS can help keep students safe

by Jacque Deckard

Commentary: Data management coordinator Jacque Deckard says common software already in use in K-12 districts can mitigate threats against students.

Need edtech help? 'You just have to ask' Indiana eLearning director says

by Colin Wood

Indiana's Candice Dodson says spurring new partnerships in education is often a matter merely of getting people in the same room.

To track lead in drinking water, school districts go digital

by Ryan Johnston

A combination of EPA-approved water testing kits and facility management software is helping schools manage lead testing data.

How community college is helping to fill Indiana's 85,000 open jobs

by Ryan Johnston

Ivy Tech Community College's 15 partnerships with big tech companies are designed to address the state's workforce needs.

OER reaches ‘inflection point,’ and states are leading the charge

by Emily Tate

Special report: Changes in policy, perception and technology are propelling Indiana, Michigan, Utah, Washington and other states to build digital libr

States are making computer science a curriculum staple in 2018

by Ryan Johnston

New York, Indiana and North Dakota have made announcements around computer science education in just the last few days.

With winter in full force, Indiana's e-learning days come in handy

by Patience Wait

The state's blended learning program is growing in popularity. About 170 school districts in Indiana have been approved for e-learning days.

Indiana digital learning champion named SETDA state leader of the year

by Wyatt Kash

Candice Dodson received national recognition this week winning the State Education Technology Directors Association highest annual award.