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North Dakota passes landmark privacy policy protecting higher-ed student data

by Betsy Foresman • 4 months ago

The policy creates new privacy guidelines and prohibits the state's 11 public colleges from selling or releasing any student’s information for advertising purposes.

Texas starts showing students how much they'll make with each degree

by Betsy Foresman • 9 months ago

Amid record-high student debt levels, a new bill in Texas arms prospective students with better compensation data related to their chosen majors.

Upcoming database will enable universities to share policy ideas

by Betsy Foresman • 10 months ago

Each school has their own policies. A new tool slated for release in 2020 will allow researchers to search and filter them all from one location.

Good policy is key to student data protection, say privacy experts

by Betsy Foresman • 1 year ago

The Future of Privacy Forum has released a guide for policymakers as a resource to help craft effective student data privacy legislation.

​How to empower superintendents and connect technology with learning

by Stacey Pusey • 2 years ago

edweb's Stacey Pusey breaks down a recent webinar that details five steps toward a more judicious application of technology in the classroom.

Illinois hires CIO for education programs

by Colin Wood • 2 years ago

A new education-focused chief information officer role will be led by Kevin Parker, a former Boston and Rhode Island govtech leader.

​Homelessness, 'smart cities' research centers announced at Portland State University

by Jared Beinart • 2 years ago

New research centers are designed to bring a multi-disciplinary approach to two of urban America’s most challenging topics.

Registrars need outside help in protecting student data from cyberthreats, report says

by Ryan Johnston • 2 years ago

Communicating with IT administrators is crucial, according to a new white paper from EDUCAUSE, the National Student Clearinghouse and REN-ISAC.

State-level policy for computer science education continues to grow

by Colin Wood • 2 years ago

A new report from Code.org shows that many states are putting policy support behind computer science education like never before.