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Finding the 'recipe' for calculating OER benefits

by Emily Bamforth

The Midwest Higher Education Compact released guidance for states on how to calculate student savings and run cost-benefit analysis as more systems consider open educational resources.

Pearson+ claims 2 million registered users since launch in July

by Emily Bamforth

Data from the textbook subscription service will help Pearson better design digital learning experiences, the company's CEO said in an investor presentation.

SUNY Poly ditches physical bookstores with virtual offering

by Colin Wood

A deal with Akademos gives the institution a chance to repurpose the space that some students were calling "out of date."

'Mynerva' teaching platform lets professors design the perfect lesson

by EdScoop Staff

A new platform from the University of Michigan is designed for instructors who wish to combine conventional learning materials with digital assessments and tools.

Textbook savings add momentum to Oregon higher ed OER program

by Patience Wait

An initiative worked so well in the state's community colleges that Oregon plans to expand it to public universities.

College textbooks made more accessible through Netflix-like subscription

by Kate Roddy

Through a new subscription service, students are given unlimited access to over 20,000 online resources.

College students in Rhode Island have saved nearly $900K on textbooks in a year

by Kate Roddy

Through the same initiative, over 40 professors in the state have adopted openly licensed textbooks.

College textbooks aren't just moving online — they're becoming personalized and interactive

by Kate Roddy

A new college textbook from Pearson uses IBM Watson technology to act less like a book and more like a news feed.