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Textbook savings add momentum to Oregon higher ed OER program

by Patience Wait • 3 years ago

An initiative worked so well in the state's community colleges that Oregon plans to expand it to public universities.

College textbooks made more accessible through Netflix-like subscription

by Kate Roddy • 3 years ago

Through a new subscription service, students are given unlimited access to over 20,000 online resources.

College students in Rhode Island have saved nearly $900K on textbooks in a year

by Kate Roddy • 3 years ago

Through the same initiative, over 40 professors in the state have adopted openly licensed textbooks.

College textbooks aren't just moving online — they're becoming personalized and interactive

by Kate Roddy • 3 years ago

A new college textbook from Pearson uses IBM Watson technology to act less like a book and more like a news feed.

​Indiana University's embrace of eText program saves students money and improves outcomes

by Emily Rogan • 3 years ago

Growing use of electronic textbooks has saved students .5 million and improved faculty-student engagement, says IU tech leader.