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For virtual reality to stick, universities need meaningful classroom content

by Emily Bamforth

As universities add virtual reality to the classroom, coders and designers are working with instructors to create meaningful experiences.

One Morehouse College professor wants every student to have a VR headset

by Colin Wood

Muhsinah Morris, an assistant professor of chemistry at Morehouse, said she wants all incoming freshmen to be issued a VR headset.

University of Michigan takes virtual reality to Coursera

by Emily Bamforth

The university plans to use lessons from its extended-reality initiative to offer 10 courses focused on skills training.

Education in the metaverse needs human connection, Brookings argues

by Emily Bamforth

Even in a metaverse classroom, a real-life instructor is still needed to make sure students are actively learning, according to a new Brookings Institution report.

VR in universities a welcome addition, but not yet 'plug-and-play'

by Ryan Johnston

Professors experimenting with VR in their classrooms report positive initial results, but they say creating the content is still a lot of work.

Purdue students are using VR to explore the cosmos, remotely

by Ryan Johnston

Virtual reality technology that wasn't feasible in the classroom just a few years ago is finding practical applications in a Purdue astronomy course.

Michigan State launches VR app to fight unconscious bias

by Jake Williams

The app helps users recognize racism and unconscious bias to help support diversity, equity and inclusion.

Temple's online MBA students tap VR for second year

by Ryan Johnston

The emerging technology has received "enthusiastic feedback" from students in its second year of use, a Temple University professor said.

VR helps Texas students prepare career paths early

by Colin Wood

VR simulations dramatically improved students' self-reported confidence with their career options after high school.