"Louisiana Department of Education"

DHS injects $21.5 million into national STEM and cybersecurity curricula program

by Ryan Johnston • 4 months ago

The National Integrated Cyber Education Research Center will receive 5 years of funding to expand its reach to a projected seven million new students.

Senator asks DeVos to review FAFSA privacy protections

by Zaid Shoorbajee • 1 year ago

Citing concerns about information privacy in FAFSA, Sen. Ron Wyden is asking the Education secretary to implement stronger security controls.

Man convicted after trying to exploit FAFSA vulnerability

by Emily Tate • 1 year ago

Louisiana man used Donald Trump's Social Security number to fill out the digital student-aid form, hoping to obtain the president's federal tax information.

States are making progress on data 'report cards,' but shortcomings are many

by Richard W. Walker • 1 year ago

Analysis from the Data Quality Campaign shows reports bogged down by lack of clarity, accessibility and jargon.

How education staff can help students claim available FAFSA money left on the table

by Brian Kathman • 1 year ago

Technology — specifically, simple, personalized text messages — can nudge students toward accessing federal student aid.

EdTech Hero: Kim Nesmith problem-solves student privacy issues in Louisiana

by Emily Tate • 1 year ago

Nesmith has shepherded school systems in the state as they navigate "one of the most restrictive student privacy laws in the nation."

Four states offer four unique approaches to procurement

by Kate Roddy • 1 year ago

SETDA issued a set of case studies to illustrate "there is no one-size-fits-all" in adopting digital and personalized learning.

School IT specialists offer recovery guide to flood-stricken school districts

by Emily Tate • 1 year ago

The Consortium for School Networking released a new resource to shepherd IT response to water damage.

SETDA resource helps states grapple with adopting digital instructional materials

by Emily Tate • 1 year ago

Report from SETDA considers importance of leadership, accessibility, equity of access and acquisition policies in implementing digital instructional materials.

Cyber Innovation Center wants to weave cybersecurity into K-12 STEM instruction

by Wyatt Kash • 2 years ago

Outreach director Kevin Nolten hopes schools will infuse the center's instructional resources into classes as part of a long-term, government-supported effort to build a cybersecurity workforce.

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