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Researchers at Princeton University are developing technology that uses smartwatch sensors, a new mobile app and neural networks to predict within minutes whether someone has been infected with COVID-19. The technology, which could also be applied to diagnosing and monitoring chronic conditions including depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, diabetes and sickle cell disease, is led by Niraj Jha, a professor of electrical and computer engineering. The software draws on readings from sensors that monitor heart rate, skin temperature, galvanic skin response and blood pressure and oxygen saturation levels. Though still being evaluated by the FDA under its “software as a medical device” provision, some academics are predicting the tech could prove superior to rapid antigen tests.

Colin Wood

Written by Colin Wood

Colin Wood is the editor in chief of StateScoop and EdScoop. He’s reported on government information technology policy for more than a decade, on topics including cybersecurity, IT governance and public safety.

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