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Ohio University IT partners with analytics center to recommend anti-plagiarism tools

by Emily Bamforth • 2 months ago

A campus research center will ask students and faculty what software fits their needs, so that the IT department can update its recommendations.

Deloitte boosts higher ed data business with Entigence acquisition

by Emily Bamforth • 4 months ago

Deloitte executives said Entigence's technology can help universities improve their use of data analytics, enabling quicker, more-informed decisions.

UC Berkeley sent almost 25,000 academic-performance alerts last fall

by Emily Bamforth • 7 months ago

Volume of alerts showed a high correlation with student performance, researchers said, but that ideal timing of these alerts needs further data analysis.

Anthology adds predictive tool to support university financial decisions

by Emily Bamforth • 7 months ago

A new tool can help higher education institutions understand how changes in tuition rates or course offerings might affect their bottom lines.

Unlocking actionable data is critical for school districts, experts say

by Eileen Belastock • 3 years ago

Commentary: K-12 school districts must get organized and make sense of their data to improve learning outcomes and protect student privacy.

Oregon readies launch of student database ten years in the making

by Betsy Foresman • 3 years ago

The longitudinal data system is hoped to help researchers and policymakers spot trends, improve student outcomes and inform policy.