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Apple Wallet launches university student IDs, starting in Canada

by Emily Bamforth • 4 months ago

Auburn University and the University of Maine have also announced plans to use Apple's new student credentials.

Sewanee's ‘App-store’ allows students to remotely use campus software

by Emily Bamforth • 5 months ago

Through AppsAnywhere, students at the University of the South can remotely use tools like Microsoft Excel or Adobe Photoshop.

CSU system giving iPads to 35,000 students

by Colin Wood • 5 months ago

A partnership with Apple is hoped to improve students' academic performance and support the university's goal of boosting graduation rates.

Apple announces $25M Propel Center for Black colleges and universities

by Betsy Foresman • 11 months ago

The tech giant says a new innovation and learning center will seek to provide "equal access to opportunity regardless of skin color or zip code."

Gallaudet University gives students Apple devices to ease online learning

by Betsy Foresman • 1 year ago

Students and faculty at Gallaudet University received an iPad ahead of the semester to help make learning remotely more accessible and personalized.

As tech giants focus on accessibility tools, the equation changes for education

by Patience Wait • 3 years ago

Costs and ease of use improve as Microsoft and other companies expand features and promote them.

Steady growth in edtech market projected through end of year

by Mark Satter • 3 years ago

Google may have a stronghold on the U.S. education market, but globally, Windows devices are preferred, Futuresource Consulting found.

Six universities shake up their student IDs with new Apple Wallet integration

by Patience Wait • 3 years ago

Students can add their university ID cards to Wallet on their Apple Watches, creating both access and payment flexibility, officials told EdScoop.

Apple's new time management tools on iOS 12 are a win for kids, advocates say

by Patience Wait • 3 years ago

Apple joins Google in providing accessible parental controls to manage kids' screen time, a move applauded by Common Sense Media.