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How universities can fast-track contact tracing programs

by Julia Weaver • 4 weeks ago

Colleges and universities already have most of the data collection systems they need to develop a contact tracing program.

UC Davis drives energy efficiency on campus with data insights

by Betsy Foresman • 4 months ago

The university's facilities management team collected 200,000 data points to help reduce energy consumption and give students access to real-time data.

UC Irvine tracks coronavirus infections through new mobile app

by Betsy Foresman • 9 months ago

By tracking users' movements, the app can alert individuals who may have come in contact with the virus.

U. Maryland's new coronavirus tool grades social distancing efforts

by Jake Williams • 10 months ago

Anonymized and aggregated location data from mobile devices shows how well people in each state are complying with stay-at-home orders.

University of Washington wants to record your coughing sounds

by Betsy Foresman • 10 months ago

To train a new app to monitor coughs from COVID-19 patients, researchers are asking for volunteers to submit vocal samples to train the software.

Edtech purchasing a guessing game for schools, but new data could help

by Betsy Foresman • 1 year ago

Schools spend billions on edtech each year, often to little effect. Through data-sharing, the EdTech Genome Project aims to change that.

Seven school districts test in-bus tablets for drivers

by Betsy Foresman • 1 year ago

The tablets are to provide bus drivers an interface for managing data, bus routes and payroll information, replacing legacy paper-based systems.

District data can help teachers 'work smarter, not harder'

by Jake Williams • 1 year ago

At Aldine ISD in Texas, the technology director says schools need to use data to improve services for both students and teachers alike.

Data-analytics boot camp for adult learners heads to Butler U.

by Colin Wood • 1 year ago

The Indianapolis-based university targets professionals already in the workforce seeking new skills and career advancement.