Tags machine learning

UT Austin launches $20M machine learning research institute

by Betsy Foresman • 1 month ago

From optimizing transportation to applications in fighting COVID-19, the new institute includes a national laboratory hoped to encourage interdisciplinary research.

AI-powered fake news spotter under development at ASU

by Betsy Foresman • 2 months ago

The algorithm, which is especially useful during a health crisis, is being developed to scrutinize news being shared on social media and alert users to misinformation.

SFSU students win competition for 'Simba Police' app

by Betsy Foresman • 3 months ago

The voice-activated mobile assistant, which won first place at a pitch competition, will be able to run background checks, scan license plates, retrieve driver details even call for backup.

UCLA model predicts U.S. COVID-19 cases will peak June 1

by Betsy Foresman • 4 months ago

As one of 13 prediction models used by the CDC, UCLA's machine-learning tool can help measure the efficacy of public policies like stay-at-home orders.

Researchers want to know how bad actors are tricking machine learning

by Betsy Foresman • 7 months ago

University of Arizona researcher Gregory Ditzler aims to improve the ability of algorithms to spot false data and adapt to changing environments.

Arizona State students design 'trash truck of the future'

by Betsy Foresman • 7 months ago

Graduate students at ASU put their skills into practice, designing more efficient and safer trash trucks using AI and sensor-based technologies.

A new chatbot could help at-risk students stay in college

by Betsy Foresman • 8 months ago

The new machine learning-powered chatbot from EdSights gives advisers key insights into the challenges students are facing and how to address them.

Transcription firm Verbit eyes new languages with $31M funding round

by Colin Wood • 9 months ago

The company says its technology, used in many top learning institutions, will be improved and expanded to include support for additional languages.

Butler U. app will guide visually-impaired students through campus

by Betsy Foresman • 9 months ago

The "Guide Dawg" app will help visually impaired students get to and from class more easily and avoid hazards on campus.