Montana National Guard responded to university cyberattack

Seven members of the Montana National Guard's defensive cyber operations element visited the state university to assist with a cyberattack.

The Montana Army National Guard on Tuesday announced that in late April it deployed to Montana State University to assist with a cyberattack.

Seven members of the guard’s defensive cyber operations element assisted the university to identify possible vectors and the extent of the attack. Access to the university’s fileserver, called Opal, is still being restored. Montana State has shared few details of the attack and asked that users of its network to change their passwords.

The university’s IT office said Monday it will implement new security measures, such as logging users out of university computers after 15 minutes of inactivity.

Royal ransomware group, which recently attacked the City of Dallas, claimed responsibility for the MSU attack. The university has not named an attacker. According to the legal news website JD Supra, the group has not shared proof of data stolen from MSU.

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