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More students are 'stacking' credentials

by Emily Bamforth

The National Student Clearinghouse found that undergraduate attainment rose 4% thanks to students seeking additional credentials.

Spring 2022 enrollment didn't show recovery, National Student Clearinghouse finds

by Emily Bamforth

Spring 2022 enrollment showed steeper year-over-year enrollment drops than last year, according to the National Student Clearinghouse.

More than 39 million Americans earned college credits, but no credentials

by Emily Bamforth

As colleges seek more students, new data shows the number of people who have earned some college credits, but no credentials.

When university students are afraid to ask for help

by Emily Bamforth

Lumen Learning Chief Academic Officer David Wiley joins Cutting EDge to talk about the company's experience testing personalized courseware.

College enrollment continued to slide into 2022

by Emily Bamforth

New data from the National Student Clearinghouse for fall 2021 shows a drop in enrollment, even as campuses reopened to in-person learning.

There's a new effort to map university degrees to workplace skills

by Emily Bamforth

The National Student Clearinghouse said it's working with an AI firm called AstrumU to map degrees and credentials to in-demand skills.

Technology aids university transfer students, but human connection is key

by Emily Bamforth

Universities and colleges are getting better organized with credit transfers, but technology can't replace face-to-face orientations, leaders said.

University enrollment is crashing at decade-high rate, new report shows

by Colin Wood

Universities and colleges saw a nearly 5% drop in their undergraduate enrollment, according to new data from the National Student Clearinghouse.

Online college enrollment growth outpaces real-world institutions

by Emily Bamforth

National Student Clearinghouse data for spring 2021 shows enrollment in primarily online institutions for undergraduates is up, with a surge of part-time students.