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There's a new effort to map university degrees to workplace skills

by Emily Bamforth • 3 weeks ago

The National Student Clearinghouse said it's working with an AI firm called AstrumU to map degrees and credentials to in-demand skills.

Technology aids university transfer students, but human connection is key

by Emily Bamforth • 6 months ago

Universities and colleges are getting better organized with credit transfers, but technology can't replace face-to-face orientations, leaders said.

University enrollment is crashing at decade-high rate, new report shows

by Colin Wood • 6 months ago

Universities and colleges saw a nearly 5% drop in their undergraduate enrollment, according to new data from the National Student Clearinghouse.

Online college enrollment growth outpaces real-world institutions

by Emily Bamforth • 7 months ago

National Student Clearinghouse data for spring 2021 shows enrollment in primarily online institutions for undergraduates is up, with a surge of part-time students.

Low-income students dominate pandemic's college enrollment decline

by Colin Wood • 8 months ago

New data from the National Student Clearinghouse reinforces recent reports that fewer students are enrolling in higher education straight out of high school.