Anthology adds Microsoft AI to Blackboard Learn

Anthology announced it's partnered with Microsoft to add new AI tools to its Blackboard Learn learning management system.
A blackboard with a lit lightbulb drawn in white chalk
(delihayat / Getty Images)

The Blackboard Learn learning management system is going to get a series of AI-powered upgrades, parent company Anthology announced during its Anthology Together conference on Monday. 

Anthology plans to use Microsoft Azure OpenAI to develop tools such as a course-building aide for instructors that will help them create course materials more quickly. Anthology also plans to introduce tools for generating test questions from course content, as well as customizable rubrics for grading students.

“While other vendors might be looking at AI within a point solution, Anthology is assessing the power of generative AI across our vast stack of Edtech solutions,” JD White, chief product officer at Anthology, said in a press release. “By thoughtfully integrating AI into our ecosystem, we can harness its power to foster innovation. The collaboration with Microsoft ensures these solutions are scalable, secure, and seamlessly integrated into existing educational ecosystems, making them easily accessible to institutions worldwide.”

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