Grammarly to introduce generative AI prompts for students

Writing app Grammarly said it will roll out new features this fall that aim to guide students to use generative AI responsibly.
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Popular grammar checker and AI-powered writing app Grammarly plans to roll out new features this fall that will guide students to use generative AI responsibly, the company announced on Tuesday.

The company announced that starting in late August, its GrammarlyGo tool will help students brainstorm and plan their writing using prompts such as “build a research plan for my paper” or “brainstorm topics for my assignment.”

The tool will also evaluate students’ writing and evaluate it, prompting students to, for example, explore counterarguments in their essays. Additionally, GrammarlyGo will generate citations for research and text authored by generative AI tools, as well as remind students to to avoid using generative AI to create long chunks of text and follow guidelines set by their institutions or instructors.

“Generative AI is here to stay, but the education industry is grappling with how to approach new technologies in ways that enhance student learning—not detract from it,” Jenny Maxwell, head of Grammarly for Education, said in a press release. “When educators prioritize fostering the responsible use of AI in their institutions and courses, they ensure students build critical thinking abilities and AI literacy that the workforce of today demands. With these new GrammarlyGO features, Grammarly demonstrates its continued commitment to higher education, helping institutions and educators set their students up for success through their academic careers and beyond.”

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