EdX launches ChatGPT-powered plugin, learning assistant

The online learning firm edX introduced two new tools powered by ChatGPT, the "first of many innovations" in generative AI for the platform.
photograph of the edX logo mounted to the wall in colored perspex (the e is red, the d is clear, and the X is blue).
(Rick Friedman / Getty Images)

The online learning platform edX introduced two new tools on Friday based on OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology: an edX plugin for ChatGPT and a learning assistant embedded in the edX platform, called Xpert.

According to the company, its plugin will enable ChatGPT Plus subscribers to discover educational programs and explore learning content such as videos and quizzes across edX’s library of 4,200 courses.

EdX is currently testing the Xpert learning assistant with a limited group of users and plans to roll it out widely sometime this year. It offers support functions such as helping learners pick relevant courses, assisting with coursework questions and providing summaries of lectures.

“Our announcements today are just the first of many innovations edX is developing to harness the power and potential of generative AI, from new platform capabilities to cutting-edge new educational programs on AI-related topics,” Chip Paucek, co-founder and CEO of edX parent company 2U, said in a press release.

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