Modern Campus joins Ellucian’s integrated services platform

Modern Campus said the new partnership will make it easier for institutions using technology from both companies to integrate the software.
Modern Campus
(Scoop News Group)

The software company Modern Campus on Wednesday announced that it’s joined Ellucian’s integrated services platform, a major addition to a collection of nearly 40 companies already offering solutions.

Modern Campus, which was born through the merger of two edtech companies last year, announced in a press release it’s joining Ellucian’s platform, called Ethos. On its website, the service is billed as a “higher education platform connecting people, processes and applications,” serving a widespread need at institutions to somehow integrate decades of disparate software platforms.

Modern Campus’ main addition is its Destiny One platform, used to manage continuing education, which it claims can now play nicely with Ellucian’s Colleague, a widely used enterprise resource management system.

“Integrating Destiny One with Colleague enables institutions to maintain a common student profile with bi-directional synchronization, report non-credit curriculum, student, registration, and grade information out of Colleague, and consolidate credit and non-credit records of coursework,” the press release reads.


Other Modern Campus technologies that can now be integrated with Ellucian include its software for academic catalog management, curriculum management, web content management, student affairs and blended messaging.

Modern Campus offers APIs that enable integration with platforms offered by other technologies, but an official partnership with Ellucian marks a step forward for the Ethos platform and the company’s ambitious goal of serving as a central hub for all things edtech. Ellucian last year announced its single-sign on platform, Experience, designed to integrate with the software offered by roughly 150 other edtech companies.

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